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Hello! I am Roseanne the founder of Treasure Fitness. I started Treasure Fitness after going through a personal health Crises.

You see, I had just become a new mother and had gained some extra weight. That was not my wake up call. I was going up a few flights of stairs and would pant when I got to the top. But that still did not wake me up. I would wear heals and i felt I was carrying extra weight, and my knees would hurt. That also did not quite wake me up. I was constantly tired to the point of almost depression, but that too did not wake me up.It was not until I went to see my doctor for a regular physical exam that my doctor told me my cholesterol was high! That WOKE me up!!! I just could not believe that in my 20’s I would have high cholesterol! in my head, I thought Cholesterol was an ‘old mans disease” I asked lots of questions and DECIDED to ACT! Check out my detailed story here. I got my life back and with my health in control, I decided I needed to help others.I therefore started Treasure Fitness out of the desire to help others. I have an athletic background. I loved gymnastics, long jump, and running in elementary school. I remember being a tom boy as a little girl, often climbing our (and the neighbors) mango trees. I was rarely without some type of injury or scar.

In high school, (all I did was play – yes I should have been studying but that’s another whole story in itself) I was in the table tennis team and represented our school in the national level competition twice, where I became third top player overall, the next year, I got to the finals and ended up as the runners up! (Pretty competitive)
After life happened (as it does to all of us) I rediscovered my love for sports. After having kids, I gained weight and needed to regain my old self back. It took a lot of hard work, consistency and determination but I lost the weight, gained muscle and reached the same weight I was when I got married, a feat I thought was impossible! I fell in love with everything to do with fitness and health. I started running and participated in rugged maniac (New England), a 5K obstacle course. It was a blast – see some pictures on the Facebook page. I became so passionate about fitness and health that I decided to become a certified personal trainer (ACE) in order to start helping others totally transform their fitness and health life. I love helping people and I am absolutely excited about the opportunity to help people look and feel totally awesome! My certifications include: Pn Certified Coach 1, FA/A.E.D/CPR, PT, BA-Psychology – University Of Massachusetts Lowell, and Graduate – Health Administration Certificate
I have worked with different people and helped them to get in to shape (see their testimonials). My passion is to see you (yes you reading this) get your life in order in terms of health and fitness.
The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are interested in learning more about health and fitness, getting yourself stronger, healthier, and more energetic
At Treasure Fitness, we specialize in vigorous group workouts that combine, strength, aerobics, agility, flexibility and speed training.
Our goal is to help you get stronger, leaner, more flexible, lose weight, lose fat, and gain muscle through fitness and nutrition coaching.
Our classes vary from day to day and they include, boot camp type classes, strength training classes, circuit training, interval training, and outdoor work outs. You will never be bored at Treasure Fitness.
Our classes are typically only 30 minutes long and are designed to work on every part of your body. No two days are the same. One of the biggest challenges when you work out by yourself in a gym is figuring out what exercises to do to get the results you desire. You will never have that problem at Treasure Fitness! We have everything mapped out for you – all you need to do is show up ready for an upbeat, challenging and fun workout designed to get you the results you want. Essentially, we become your personal trainer and provide you with a supportive group environment that will help you stay focused and motivated. We guarantee that if you put in the work, the results will follow and within a short period of time you will feel awesome as you begin a journey of total transformation!.

Why Join Treasure fitness?

Variety of Intense work outs:

At Treasure Fitness, we believe you have to challenge your body through challenging and varied work outs. We will challenge every part of your body and vary the exercises to get maximum results your body to move to the max by varying your work outs during each class and on a regular basis. No two days will be the same.


It’s a known factor, you put in the work, results will follow. We will give you an unmatched workout, that will challenge you safely but effectively. Follow our program and you will see results. Celine Dion sang “when you want it the most, there’s no easy way out


We are all about family. At treasure fitness, we treasure the friends we make. We are all here for the same reason, to get stronger, healthier, and stay in shape. We are one family where we will treasure each other, push each other, encourage each other to overcome hurdles and push that extra mile – (literally)

Nutrition/fitness Coaching:

Our goal at Treasure Fitness is to help you transform your eating habits and achieve the right balance in your diet. What we put into our bodies determines greatly how we feel, how our body responds from a hormonal stand point, and ultimately how we look. We also know that every human body is designed differently and is unique. Our approach will therefore be unique to each individual. We will help you choose the right nutrition for your unique body type, foods that will nourish, enrich and ultimately totally transform your body. Treasure your body.

Our goal at Treasure fitness is to provide our members with the opportunity to exceed beyond their expectations. Our classes are group type classes so you will always have a trainer to help, motivate and train you. Think of it as having your personal trainer. At Treasure Fitness, you will find a friendly, inviting, non judgmental environment where everyone is treasured as an integral part of the Treasure Fitness Family. Join us today!