I remember this like it was yesterday. I don’t remember if I had gone to see the doctor as a result of an ailing ailment or for a physical. It must have been a physical because I would remember if I was going to see the doctor for something else.

Well, that’s not what is important. What’s important is what the doctor said to me “your cholesterol is high”

I remember being shocked, being numb and then I remember thinking… “This is an old man’s disease!”

I recall being scared. Scared I would die at night of a heart attack, scared my one year old would be motherless. Gees! The things sometimes we put ourselves through. I had just had our oldest daughter and I had a new diagnosis “high cholesterol”

After leaving the doctor’s office, I immediately embarked on a journey that took me to places I never thought I would be, a journey that unearthed hidden treasures on the inside. a journey that ultimately led me to my life’s purpose. This new diagnosis would not define who I was. I needed to fight it and beat it! Oh what a journey it has been.

In this new journey, my main priority at that particular time was focused on working out and eating right so that by my next doctor’s appointment (doctor wanted to see me in a month’s time) my HDL numbers looked favorable. I went back to the gym and started monitoring my foods and being mindful of what I ate. That weekly banana nut bread, corn chowder soup, Marble cake, and Chapati had to go! I used to eat these suckers daily!!! If it was not a baked banana bread, I bought it. If it wasn’t the corn chowder, it was a cake. I mean, I would just eat mindlessly without thinking of how these foods were affecting my body. Well, I gained a ton of weight, from 117 pounds (54Kilos) pre baby weight to a staggering 173(79 kilos) pounds! I blamed it all on “eating for 2″, this habit ballooned when I became pregnant and it carried on for about a year after our baby was born.

Climbing 7-13 stairs in our house had also become a task! I would pant at the end of the stairs like a person who had been sprinting a 100 meter dash! my body was giving me clues but I was not quite attentive to these subtle clues.

I love a high heel. While I am not much of a shoeholic. I do love a really high heal and I remember feeling for the first time the weight on my knees. I could feel like I was carrying an extra load. These ‘new feelings” were clues again that my body was giving me but I just wasn’t tuned in. And so I embarked on a journey to become fit, mindful of what I ate and it became a journey more about health that anything else. I decided I needed to be healthy not just for me but for my family. So I started my exercise program and removed all the unhealthy foods I was eating daily.  I needed to see results when I visited my doctor. That was my main motivation.

After visiting my doctor a second, third fifth time, my numbers had gone down and have stayed in the desired range for over 10 years! I must admit, every year I go for my physical, I always ask about my cholesterol numbers. I was scared enough that the thought of cholesterol every so often lingers in my mind. But I know the steps I have taken to make me a healthier better mom, wife daughter, friend and now coach.

That was the first and only time my cholesterol has been up and it’s never gone up again. That is when I discovered the power of mindfulness and a new journey of purpose was unearthed.  Stay tuned for my next blog as we go through how I transformed my health through mindfulness and how you can do the same. One life. One body. Treasure it.


This blog is written by Roseanne Kimotho, Fitness Specialist & Precision Nutrition Coach at Treasure Fitness, Nairobi, Kenya.