7 Ways Strength Training Benefits You

Why Strength Training is good for you.

One of the fastest ways to change your body quickly is to add strength training component. Not only do you change your body composition but you become stronger, leaner and burn a lot of fat!

After having our second daughter, long boring cardio no longer worked for me. My body did not change one bit no matter how long I stayed on the treadmill and the elliptical machines. It’s not until I added strength training into the mix that the magic happened. I loved the new look but more so, I felt stronger, looked leaner ( not like a man – Women will never look like men because we do not have enough testosterone in our bpdies) and I realized even though the scale did not move much in terms of weight lost, my dress sizes were dropping at a very fast rate and I was hocked! (someone say fat loss)

Here are some top reasons you want to add Strength training

  1. Get toned.

This is obvious for those who have worked with me. We work on changing up your exercises and as we change them up, your body changes and you become more toned in the process. This is a result of increasing lean muscle mass which in turn burns you more fat long term. This is noticed a few months into my training program. I noticed my thighs were firming up, my arms were getting leaners, glutes were shaping up, and my belly was taking form. (The belly took longest to respond for me but it did eventually even having had one child via C-Section) I have also had many clients say “ the scale is not moving but my cloths fit better” That is a result of gaining more lean muscle and burning more fat.

  1. You will lose 40% more fat. When Penn State Researchers put dieters into 3 groups no exercise, aerobic exercise and aerobic plus strength training, they all lost 21 pounds ( about 10kilos) however, those who had strength training component, lost 6% pure fat as opposed to the others who lost muscle. Muscle and retention of muscle is vital in helping you burn fat long term.
  1. You will reduce your health risks

Lifting weights has been shown to help wade off diseases. By lifting weights, you give your body a chance to sidestep countless diseases that plague many such as diabetes, heart disease and even strokes. I had a diagnosis of high cholesterol which scared the living *** out of me and I knew I needed to do something immediately. After changing my diet and lifting weight, that diagnosis has never raised its ugly head again. I took control of my life my implementing specific measures to help me.

  1. Your Sex drive will improve. Strength training has been shown to improve blood flow throughout the body. This is an important function in the body. You will also feel better about your body and become less likely to struggle with sexual dysfunction. I gained more confidence and was not as tired ( can someone relateJ
  1. You will gain confidence. Your level of confidence will raise up in all areas of your life. You will walk with an extra bounce in your step, you will dominate in the board room and the bedroom, and you will feel extremely sexy! Who does not want that?
  1. You will burn more calories. Ever heard of the term ‘After Burn” or ‘ After burn effect” Well with more strength training, when you work our your body and do major compound movements e.g. Squat Press, Burpee Man Maker, or Plank Row Tuck, you are working big muscle groups and in when you are done with your work out, your muscles go into repair mode. This repair mode goes on for up to 24-39 hours after your initial work out! This is the after burn. So, feed your muscles with protein. Studies show that when people did a total body work out (like we do at Treasure Fitness, not only was their metabolism raised, but they burned a greater % of calories from fat compared to those who did not lift.
  2. Exercise helps your brain stick to a nutritious diet plan. University of Pittsburg researchers studied over 169 overweight adults and found that those who didn’t follow 3 hour week training regimen ate more than their allotted calories 1500 per day. Research however showed that if you are training you are more likely to stick to your nutrition plan.
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