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We went shopping with my mom the other day and I picked up a size 16 as I am used to. It was too big. I got a size 14, it was too big. I got a size 12 and I could not believe it fit me!”J.N

”I went to a wedding on Saturday and an old friend could not recognize me. I joined in January and I was a size 12 and now (April) I am an 8! It’s working” Phylis

”Now my shirts fit better” John

Update: In almost 5 months, I have lost 36 pounds of fat! My dress sizes are dropping and I have a ton of energy.

I have lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks! My friends can notice the change in my body and I am more energetic. After doing the cleanse, what has surprised me most is that I can live without coffee!!!!
— Leonore
When I started Treasure Fitness, I was a size 16, and in 6 months I am a comfortable 10! I have lost 30 pounds of fat in almost 6 months and love the way I feel.
— Lucy K
My once tight cloths are becoming loser. Last Sunday I wore this grey suit I love and was a bit apprehensive at first, I was not sure it would fit me. To my surprise, it slipped right in and I felt so good. It gave me the motivation I need. My gym cloths are also becoming less tight
— Purity
After having 2 kids, I wanted to get back in shape. I have so far lost 27 pounds in 5 months, I am wearing cloths I have not worn in years and I look better than I did even before having my kids. I like the variety of work outs and I have changed my eating habits. I am not deprived and I get to enjoy results.
— Maggie
Thank you for what you have done for me. No words can express how grateful I feel. May God reward you in a mighty way. I have a lot of energy and I have lost 5 pounds in just 6 weeks. I also like the variety of workouts
— Eunice